How Do You Build an Ultralight Airplane at Home?

Build an unltralight homemade airplane from scratch using a software program such as X-Plane. Choose a plane model type and construct a three-dimensional model using software. Purchase a fuselage and construct wings and other body parts. An easier way to build a plane is to purchase an aircraft kit that includes ready-made plans, a fuselage and other materials. Build the plane section-by-section following plans carefully, and using knowledge gained from other homemade plane builders.

If you are comfortable with designing your own plane, you can sketch a blueprint of your ultralight plane. To test the practicality of your homemade design download a demo version of X-Plane, a virtual flight simulator. X-Plane has numerous types of planes including general aviation airplanes and gliders, and features realistic landscapes. Find a good airplane design software program such as Surfaces, which has a Homebuilder edition for designing experimental plane models. Getting the airplane's structure right is critical, and you should consult airplane design books for help with this step.

You can get support, expert advise and assistance by joining the Experimental Aircraft Association. The EAA offers details and contact information about various types of homemade aircraft kits. Visit its Kits and Plans page at its website, and click on aircraft model links for further information. Research different plane kit models thoroughly, and get familiar with them before selecting one to build. A plane's exterior appearance is not a good indicator of flight performance.