How Do You Build a Three-Point Hitch?

How Do You Build a Three-Point Hitch?

To build a three-point hitch, affix two hydraulic pistons to the engine block of a tractor, attach two cylinder-shaped metal bars to the tractor's inner clamps, and attach two flat metal bars to the vehicle's rear axle. Join the pistons and stainless steel chains to the flat bars, position a driveshaft in the tractor's outlet valve, and secure the steel chains to it. Affix another flat metal bar to the driveshaft, and join the cylindrical and flat bars appropriately.

To affix the hydraulic pistons, each 3 feet in length, use two 8-inch long screws made of steel and a Phillips screwdriver. When attaching the cylinder-shaped metal bars, each 4 feet long, hold the rear tires of the tractor, and use 4-inch long screws. Drill holes at the mid-point of the two flat steel bars, each 5 feet in length, and attach them to the rear axle of the tractor using two 4-inch-long screws.

Join the open ends of the pistons and the two steel chains, each 3 feet in length, to the holes in the 5-foot flat bars, using two 8-inch-long screws and washers. Position a power take-off driveshaft in the engine's outlet valve, and attach the steel chains' open ends to both its ends using two eye bolts and a ratchet.

Now, affix a steel flat bar, 3 feet in length, to the driveshaft's end with two 4-inch-long screws. Drill 11 holes in a steel flat bar, 4 feet in length, and join the cylindrical and 5-foot flat bars to it with two lynch pins.

Next, join the open end of the 3-foot bar to the midpoint of the 4-foot bar using two 4-inch-long screws. Ensure that the 3-foot bar affixed to the driveshaft is aligned with the midpoint of the bar with the drilled holes.