How Do You Build Your Own Motorized Bicycle?


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Build your own motorized bicycle using an electric or gasoline-powered engine fitted to the frame of a modified bicycle frame or by purchasing and installing a motorized bicycle kit. Mount the engine to the frame, and attach a fuel tank for a gasoline-powered engine or batteries for an electric-powered engine. Attach the throttle, fuel or electrical lines and drive wheel, belt or chain.

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There are three primary types of drive systems for motorized bicycles: friction, chain and belt drive. A friction system utilizes a small wheel that turns against the rear wheel and spins it. A chain drive uses a metal chain and sprockets attached to the engine and rear wheel to provide drive. A belt drives is similar to a chain drive but uses a Kevlar belt around a nylon ring that is fitted around the spokes to drive the rear wheel. Each drive system has its advantages and disadvantages, and which one you choose depends solely on personal preference.

Keep in mind the extra weight added by attaching an engine to the bicycle's frame. Adding extra brackets and reinforcement to a lightweight bike frame is less desirable than utilizing a heavy-duty quality frame to begin with. Many of the bicycle motor kits that are available are designed universally fit, although it is best to stick to frame styles such as beach cruisers or mountain bikes. Use high quality brakes to ensure proper braking at higher speeds.

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