How Do You Build Your Own Go-Kart?


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To build a go-kart, start by cutting metal tubing according the plans or schematics of the go-kart; most go-karts' front ends feature a camber angle. The front end should be narrower than the rear, allowing the wheels more room to turn and the chassis room to twist slightly; mount a King Pin at the front corners where the wheels should be to allow for this twist.

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Next, use concrete blocks to elevate the frame and weld it together. Use gussets for added strength. Build the axles with a straight piece of 0.75-inch steel rod and two bushings to attach the frame. Drill washers and cotton pins through the axle to keep it in position. Next, install the rear axle and wheel assembly and bolt a plywood seat to the frame.

Install the engine by welding a flat piece of 3/16-inch thick steel plate to the rear frame and bolt an engine down onto the plate. Assemble the steering linkage by connecting steel rods to the axles at a 90-degree angle. Install the brakes by fixing a disc onto the rear axle and a caliper assembly onto the chassis. Finally, attach a throttle cable to the hand throttle or the foot pedal, depending on the type of engine used.

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