How Do You Build Your Own Custom Jeep?

How Do You Build Your Own Custom Jeep?

Consumers build their own custom Jeep brand vehicles on the company's website by selecting the desired model, features and specifications. As of July 2015, customizations are only available for the current model year.

When building a Jeep vehicle, consumers select the desired model first. Selections are available for the company’s Compass, Grand Cherokee, Wrangler Unlimited, Renegade, Cherokee and Patriot models for the current model year.

Next, the buyer picks out the vehicle trim and drive-train for the selected model, but only some vehicle models come with additional trim and drive-train options. If the selected model has these options, the consumer then selects the desired trim. Otherwise, the customization process advances to the next applicable options.

The customization tool then presents the buyer with color and accessory options. The desired interior and exterior colors are specified from a limited list of factory-available options. If possible, colors that are not available from the factory can be selected at the dealership as an after-market option.

Accessory customization options are the last addition that buyers make. These include interior, exterior, power-train and luxury package options, such as the Jeep brand’s Uconnect entertainment and navigational system. Other options include amplified speakers with subwoofers, leather seats, off-road tires, trailer tow assembly and advanced technology packages, such as advanced brake assist and blind spot monitoring.

The site then presents a summary of the customizations with their total cost and nearby dealerships that sell the specified vehicle. To finalize the purchase, buyers take the order to a dealership.