How Do You Build Your Own Chevrolet?

How Do You Build Your Own Chevrolet?

To build your own Chevrolet, click Build and Price under the Shopping Tools link at the top of the Chevrolet site. Change the parameters at the top of the page to find vehicles matching your requirements. Click Build and Price next to the desired vehicle.

The Build and Price page initially shows all Chevrolet vehicles as small pictures below the search options. If you already know which vehicle you want, click the image to go directly to the customization page. If you're unsure or want to browse your options, adjust the search parameters as desired.

The filtering options include miles per gallon on the highway, manufacturer's suggested retail price, number of passengers and vehicle year. The page also allows you to sort the results by those criteria.

Once you select a vehicle to build, the website directs you to the customization pages. The four sections are trim, colors and wheels, options and accessories. Each pages shows the different options and the price increase for options that aren't standard. As you add options, the total cost of the Chevrolet vehicle updates.

After you go through each page, you see a summary of the vehicle you build. This page allows you to enter a ZIP code for an adjusted price. This page also includes a link to Request a Quote for the vehicle or search local inventory for a similar Chevrolet.