How Do You Build Your Own Car Online With Chevrolet?

How Do You Build Your Own Car Online With Chevrolet?

Begin by visiting the Chevy website and selecting the car to customize. Then, add features, choose interior and exterior colors and finalize the purchase.

Chevrolet allows its customers to build a car or truck around their wants and needs. Not every vehicle is available, but popular vehicles, such as the Equinox, Spark, Camaro and Corvette, are eligible for customization.

  1. Visit the Chevy website
  2. Chevy's website has a full lineup of cars, trucks, SUVs and vans available for customization. Click on the picture to begin.

  3. Select a body style
  4. Choose a body style. For example, the Corvette comes in a coupe or convertible. After selecting a body style, click "Next Step."

  5. Select a trim
  6. Choose from one of the available trims for the specific automobile. Clicking the name of the trim will bring up a description, making it easy to choose the perfect trim level. After making a selection, click "Next Step."

  7. Choose colors and wheels
  8. Select an exterior and interior color by clicking the appropriate picture. Hover over each color to see a larger picture. Repeat for the interior. Select the wheels and click "Next Step."

  9. Choose the mechanical parts and interior and exterior features
  10. This page brings up things like performance packages, engine size and transmission types. Make selections by clicking on the appropriate one. When finished, click "Next Step."
  11. Choose other options
  12. This page brings up things like luggage racks, exterior graphics and wheel accessories. Make the desired selections and then click "Next Step."

  13. View the summary
  14. Take a look at the summary that appears on the following page. This page contains information such as the final price of the vehicle, and all the equipment and extras chosen on the previous pages. Select "Locate a Dealer" or "Request a Quote" to make the final purchase.