How Do You Build an Ornithopter?

How Do You Build an Ornithopter?

Begin with collecting the necessary material and make a fuselage. Make paper rolls into a narrow tube using music wire for a mandrel. Design wing spars by pushing music wire through wing spar. Make the tails and the connecting rods, and assemble the whole set up gluing the parts and connecting the rods.

  1. Make the fuselage

    Gather all materials required for building an ornithopter. Make a hook in the front tail motor attachment wire, and push it through the center of the motor stick. Create two bends of 90 degrees in the wire sand stick it using CA adhesive.

  2. Make paper roll and wing spars

    Roll the paper into a narrow tube using music wire for mandrel. Pull the wire carefully, and dab it with CA accelerator. Bend the wire to make a crank using needle-nose pliers. Push the wire through the wing star, and glue it in place using CA adhesive. Reinforce the joint, and repeat the process for the second wing spar.

  3. Assemble the parts

    Make the tail and the connecting rods before making the final assembly. Glue tissue paper wing to the wing spars and top wing attachment. Stick the tissue paper tail to the balsa T Frame stick. Connect the two connecting rods to the wing spar attachment wires, and crank. Place the rubber band over the rear and front motor attachment hooks, and wind up the band motor.