How Do You Build a Motorcycle?

How Do You Build a Motorcycle?

Building a motorcycle requires the knowledge, tools and space to correctly assemble a solid frame, engine components and wheels together. There are several ways to build one, such as using a kit or piecing one together from the ground up.

There are three common ways to properly build a motorcycle. Someone can use a kit bike, rolling chassis or a project motorcycle. Each way requires the builder to use a welder, hand tools and have a proper understanding of a motorcycle's drive train.

  1. Building a kit bike
  2. A kit bike can be purchased directly from a motorcycle manufacturer. These kits contain the engine, frame, drive train and electrical components needed to put a fully functional motorcycle together. Although the process of installing the components is easier, kit bikes are generally expensive.

  3. Using a rolling chassis
  4. A rolling chassis, at the very minimum, includes the frame and wheels. Some may contain more parts, such as the front end, rear fender and gas tank. A rolling chassis is generally less expensive than a kit bike and allows the builder more freedom to install a larger engine or custom drive train.

  5. Using a project chassis
  6. The least expensive way to build a motorcycle is to use an existing run-down chassis. Using an older chassis allows room for interchanging parts and custom designs. These types of frames can be safely molded into different designs without sacrificing the structural integrity of the bike.