How Do You Buff a Car?

How Do You Buff a Car?

To buff a car, wash and rinse it, buff with a polishing wheel, rinse and dry the vehicle, and apply a coat of wax. Finish by allowing the wax to dry, then removing the wax from the vehicle.

  1. Wash the car

    Wash the vehicle with soap and water, and rinse well.

  2. Buff with a polishing wheel

    Apply a small amount of polishing compound to a damp polishing wheel. Polish one panel at a time, moving slowly and methodically and applying even pressure. The polishing wheel will heat the clear coat, allowing the polish to fill in any scratches or imperfections. After each panel is polished, rinse the wheel pad and apply fresh polish before beginning the next section.

  3. Wash the car

    Wash and rinse the car, and dry thoroughly.

  4. Wax the car

    Apply a small amount of wax to a foam pad, fitted to an orbital sander. Using a moderate amount of pressure, wax the car. Apply new wax as needed, taking care to apply the wax as thinly as possible.

  5. Remove wax from trim and allow to dry.

    With a clean cloth, detail the trim, wiping away any wax on the windows or trim work. Allow the wax to dry.

  6. Remove wax

    Using a micro fiber towel, remove the wax from the body of the car.