What Are BRK Smoke Alarms?


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BRK sells a variety of different fire safety products, including smoke detectors, heat alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and combination units. These devices detect fires through temperature increases, photoelectric sensors that detect combustion particles, and ionization detectors that can pick up trace particles produced by a fire in its earliest stages.

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Ionization-based detectors are extremely good at detecting fires in their earliest stages. The particles they pick up are so small, however, that these detectors are prone to false alarms when placed near kitchens or in areas of the house prone to high humidity. Photoelectric detectors trigger when large particles block an internal photoelectric beam, making these units less likely to trigger unless an actual fire is occurring.

As part of its First Alert line of detectors, BRK makes a series of network-capable detectors that can share information throughout a home. If one detector picks up smoke, it sends a signal that triggers all the other units in the home, saving valuable minutes in the early stages of a fire. BRK also produces detectors and alarms designed for the elderly or disabled that use flashing lights and special tones to warn the hearing impaired.

In addition to its line of detection products, BRK also sells other fire safety gear, including fire extinguishers and emergency escape ladders.

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