What Are Some Brands of Small Camper Vans?

Manufacturers of small camper vans include Dodge, Airstream, Mercedes-Benz and Ford. Companies such as Roadtrek and Sportsmobile allow customers to fully design and customize their camper vans.

Roadtrek sells vans made by Dodge, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz and several others. The company also allows its customers to customize camper vans by choosing interior and exterior colors, outdoor cooking grills and portable solar cells. As of 2015, these camper vans start at around $87,000 and go up to around $140,000 for the base models, notes Roadtrek.com.

Sportsmobile sells camper vans made by Nissan, Dodge, Mercedes-Benz and Chevrolet. Like Roadtrek, Sportsmobile provides a customization option for many of its models. Sportsmobile customers choose options such as televisions and interior and exterior colors to make a camper van unique.

Airstream combines its unique, streamlined bodies with engines from Mercedes-Benz. The engines in its camper vans are designed to be powerful and fuel efficient, making Airstream some of the most loved camper vans in the United States, notes the company's official website. Amenities in the 2016 camper vans include additional counter space, twin beds and a larger galley than many other models. Prices for Airstream camper vans start at around $155,000 as of 2015, states Airstream.com.

Prices and availability of these camper vans vary and are subject to change without notice.