What Is a Branded Car Title?


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A branded car title indicates the specific history of a used vehicle, such as prior damages, high mileage, chronic problems or potential safety issues. The brand is assigned by a state agency, not an individual or company, and it is on the car's official title paperwork.

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Brands that indicate past damage include "Flood," "Totaled," "Damaged" and "Water damage." Some labels that suggest safety concerns are "Junk," "Revived junk," "Salvage," "Revived salvage," "Scrap vehicle," "Warranty returned," "Lemon law buyback" and "Dismantled."

However, some brands provide background information that, while not alarming, is helpful to know, such as "Gray market," "Prior police," "Prior taxi," "Rebuilt," "Reconditioned," "Reconstructed," "Remanufactured" and "Replica."

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