How Are Brake Caliper Torque Specs Researched Online?


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Torque specifications for automotive components can be found online through factory service manuals or through the manufacturers website. Each brake calipers torque specifications are different according to the makes and model of the vehicle.

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Manufacturer websites sections where replacement parts can be ordered. This pages generally contain torque specification for each part. For a more in depth diagram of the torque specifications, the owner of the vehicle can order and download a factory service manual.

Factory service manuals contain all the information required to completely disassemble and reassemble a vehicle. The manual explains in-depth each part of the brake assembly. It shows pictures on how to remove the assembly from the vehicle and how to decompress the calipers from the rotor. It also delves into how to inspect the caliper assembly and what torque specifications are required to safely mount the brake assembly to the car.

It is very important to use the correct torque specifications and sequence on the part of the vehicle. If the bolts are too tight or too lose, then they can fail. Calipers with over tighten hardware can cause the bolts to seize and allow the brackets to crack. If too loose, the bracket can come undone resulting in an accident.

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