What Is a Box Truck?


A box truck is an on-road vehicle consisting of a medium to large-sized truck cabin and chassis with a separate enclosed cargo area. Box trucks are used to haul various goods such as furniture, equipment or delivery items.

There are two types of truck cabins that can be used as box trucks: conventional and cabover. In conventional cabs, the engine sits in front of the driver, giving the truck driver a wide range of engine sizes to choose from. Conventional cabs are the most common type of medium and large truck cabs used in the United States, with Ford and Dodge being the most common manufacturers. Cabover truck engines are mounted underneath the driver, which improves maneuverability on small streets. Some of the common cabover manufacturers are Mitsubishi and Nissan.

Cargo boxes also come with a variety of features and are usually manufactured by a separate company, then bolted onto an existing truck chassis. Some cargo boxes include an entrance that is accessible from the cabin. Rather than hinged doors, most box trucks use a roll-up door at the back of the storage area.

Many businesses use box trucks on a daily basis. For example, both U-Haul and Ryder rent box trucks to moving customers.