What Books Teach You How to Obtain a Driver's License?


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To help get a driver's license, people may read several books, including manuals for a general driver's license or manuals for commercial trucks, state and local vehicle codes and manuals for motorcycles. In addition to these resources, many states offer driver's education courses in person or online, which people may attend for additional training. Driver's manuals, available electronically and at select DMV offices, provides a broad education for drivers on safe driving techniques, while vehicle codes offer information on local driving laws and regulations.

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Driver's manuals come in three basic varieties: those for standard passenger cars, commercial trucks and motorcycles. Regardless of which type of vehicle motorists intend to operate, manuals offer the same basic information. They include practical administrative information on how to apply for a driver's license, along with information on state and national driving laws. Aspiring drivers also find instructions for safe driving techniques in these manuals, as well as appropriate actions in emergency and non-emergency situations.

Manuals cover other important information, such as legal issues concerning driving under the influence, violating traffic laws and other offenses. Manuals for motorcycles and commercial trucks offer advice on specialized topics like changing lanes safely, appropriate motorcycle gear and handling air brakes. Codes supplement manuals with information on licensing cars, trucks and motorcycles, fines and penalties, driving with pedestrians, reporting accidents and more.

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