What Are Some Facts About the Boeing 797 Hoax?


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The Boeing 797 hoax originated from rumors circulated via email, which stated that aircraft manufacturer Boeing Company was building a new aircraft with a wingspan of 265 feet that could carry 1,000 passengers. According to truthorfiction.com, this rumor was dismissed by the Boeing Company.

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According to the Boeing 797 hoax, this aircraft featured a blended wing design, an aircraft body type that was experimented with during the 1950s but did not make it into general production. The hoax email stated that Boeing Company’s plans were in response to the popularity of the 262-foot-wide Airbus A380, an aircraft that can seat up to 555 passengers. The size of the 797 aircraft would allow it to maximize the utilization of the new facilities created for the Airbus A380. This was unlikely, since Boeing had previously produced the 747 aircraft, an airplane with a 211-foot wingspan, but decided to discontinue production plans due to the lack of interest from airlines.

However, this hoax contains some truth to it. Boeing has confirmed that its advanced research and development organization, Boeing Phantom Works, is working on a blended-wing design. However, this aircraft, featuring a rigid body to reduce the impact of turbulence on the air frame with the purpose of increasing efficiency, would be exclusively for military applications.

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