What Does the Body Control Module Do in Chrysler Vehicles?

The body control module in Chrysler vehicles controls the various electronic devices within the vehicle. This module controls functions such as the air conditioning of the car, the interior lighting and the door locks, making it easier for manufacturers and repairmen to troubleshoot problems within the car.

The components within the body control module in Chrysler's are separated into inputs and outputs. Inputs provide the data about the heat in the car or the speed of the car, and outputs determine the way the car controls the various functions that are being reported by the inputs. Functions such as the check engine light and the turn signals are determined by these inputs and outputs.

The body control module performs various functions found within a computer such as storing data the car receives and sending or receiving radio waves. The car stores all the data digitally and can troubleshoot problems using the data gathered. When a Chrysler has an electronic problem, a mechanic first goes to the body control module, which sends out a code directly to the mechanic identifying the problem. At other times the body control module can self-identify problems. In this case, the code appears in the car dash depending on the type of car.