How Do You Get a Boating License in Washington?

How Do You Get a Boating License in Washington?

Obtain a Washington boating license by choosing your course of study, completing the course and paying the registration fee. If you are an experienced boater and familiar with the state laws, you have the option of taking an equivalency exam. Courses take up to 12 weeks to complete.

  1. Choose how you prefer to study

    The state offers several boating-education course options, including online courses, classroom courses, and a combination classroom and hands-on course. Choose the option that best fits your schedule and learning preference. The cost of the courses varies, and there are some free options available. Most of the online courses do not charge a fee until the student passes the exam; however, he must pay the fee to receive his certificate of completion. Boaters familiar with state boating laws and operating a boat have the option of testing out of the course.

  2. Complete the course

    Upon completion of the course or passing the equivalency exam, boaters are issued a certificate of accomplishment. The certificate is required with the application packet.

  3. Apply for the license

    Complete the application and mail it, a legal copy of the certificate of completion of the educational requirement and the fee to the Washington State Parks and Recreation Department. As of 2014, the application fee is $10.