How Do You Find Boat Wiring Schematics?


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Owners can find boat wiring schematics on NewBoatBuilders.com, BoatingHowTo.com or Blue Sea Systems website. Each website contains graphics and step-by-step instructions for wiring boat electrical systems.

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NewBoatBuilders.com has a 14-step guide to wiring boats that includes schematics. The website also contains links to basic information on electrical circuits. The website advises owners to start with a plan and then draw schematics that show each piece of electrical equipment, including fuses and switches. The website also discusses battery locations, selecting appropriate wire, using wire connectors and testing the completed electrical system.

BoatingHowTo.com discusses boats' DC electrical systems and includes wiring schematics as downloadable attachments. The website advises owners to know the why, what and where of components of boats' electrical systems, including battery selector switches, automatic charging relays and battery isolators.

Blue Sea System's website focuses on battery management wiring schematics for typical boats. The website's basic wiring diagrams show how batteries, switches and automatic charging relays work together in a single battery-single engine setup. Other diagrams show owners how to combine battery banks to all loads, save battery power for starting or isolate a failed battery. Owners can also find more information and schematics for multiple battery and engine systems, up to a system with four batteries, two engines and one generator.

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