What Boat Specs Should You Provide to an Interested Buyer?


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There are several specifications that should be included in the listing of a boat for sale, including its length, type of engine, year and make. The boat should be explained in detail, so prospective buyers can easily decide whether or not they will want to see it. Doing so saves time for both the buyers and sellers.

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Common specifications that should be included in a boat listing are its year, model and boat type. Using these keywords allows prospective buyers to easily search and find a listing. If the boat listing has the specifications the buyer is looking for, they will are more likely to be interested. Other specifications that should be included are:

  • Price: Write the price of the boat, or at the very least, a cost range.
  • Engine: Include its size along with the type of power it can produce.
  • Hull design: Specify what type of boat it is, such as a powerboat or sailboat.
  • Special features: These can include independently controlled ballast bags, surf tabs or other unique accessories that come for that specific model.
  • Length: The size of the boat from its front to its rear.
  • Construction: Explain how the boat was built. Describe if the hull is made from fiberglass or some other synthetic material.
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