How Do You Find Boat Rentals From Individual Owners?


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To rent boats from individual owners, use an online service such as Boatbound. Other options for rental sites include GetMyBoat and Boatsetter.

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To rent boats from individual owners, try checking Boatbound. This site lets boat owners rent out their boat. To search for available options, enter a location to pick up the boat from in the search bar. Sort the results by how recent they are or by their price range. Alternatively, select the type of boat experience desired. The options are catamarans, celebration, sightseeing, water sports, fishing, romantic boats or sailing.

If no suitable boats are available on Boatbound, try GetMyBoat. Enter a location in the site's search bar to find boats being rented out by their owners locally. Options for using the boat include captaining the boat or working with a captain. It's also possible to sleep aboard some boats. Select a boat type out of the choices of power, sail, fishing, non-powered or mega yacht. Registration is necessary to book a boat.

Alternatively, try Boatsetter. Enter a location in the box marked "Where Do You Want To Boat?" followed by an option from the drop-down menu labelled "What Do You Want To Do?" Options are cruising, dining, fishing, kayaking, paddling, sailing, sightseeing, ski boat, snorkeling or waterskiing.

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