How Do You Get a Boat Registration in Pennsylvania?

How Do You Get a Boat Registration in Pennsylvania?

Get a boat registration in Pennsylvania by mail by sending a completed application form, the supporting documents and the required fee to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. While the application is processing, obtain a temporary registration through a regional office of the commission or its authorized issuing agents.

  1. Complete an application form

    Find and print form REV-336 on the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission website. Fill in personal and contact information about the buyer and seller as well as information about the boat, such as the hull identification number and appropriate codes for the type of boat, hull material, propulsion type, fuel type and use. Sign and date the application. Attach documents showing proof of ownership, which must be a title or the manufacturer's certificate of origin along with a copy of the bill of sale.

  2. Pay the fee

    Pay the registration fee with a check payable to the PA Fish and Boat Commission. As of 2014, the fees cover a two-year period and vary according to the type and size of the boat.

  3. Display the registration number

    When you receive the registration number of the boat, attach it to each forward half of the boat, reading left to right. The letters and numbers must be painted or otherwise permanent characters at least 3 inches high in a color that contrasts with the color of the boat. Post the validation decal supplied by the commission on the same level within 6 inches of the registration number.