What Are Some BMW Three-Wheel Motorcycle Models?


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BMW Motorrad does not manufacture three-wheeled motorcycles as of 2015, but several companies use BMW motorcycles or motorcycle engines as the basis for their three-wheel motorcycle designs. These motorcycles include the GG Taurus, the T-REX 16S, and conversions made using kits produced by Hannigan Motorsports.

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The GG Taurus is a conversion of the BMW K1200 motorcycle produced by GG Technik of Switzerland. The Taurus is a modification of the four-wheeled GG Quadster and features two wheels up front in a reverse trike design. Both the Quadster and Taurus are powered by the same four-cylinder inline engine, which produces 175 peak horsepower.

The T-REX 16S is a three-wheeled motorcycle produced by Campagna Motors. Featuring a windshield, body panels and a passenger seat, this motorcycle is more similar to a traditional car than many other three-wheeled designs. However, the T-REX 16S has a 1.6-liter six-cylinder BMW Motorrad engine that drives the rear wheel of this reverse trike via a traditional motorcycle chain drive system. This engine produces 160 peak horsepower and 129 foot-pounds of peak torque.

Hannigan is one of the major manufacturers of three-wheel conversion kits for BMW motorcycles, with the K1200 and R1150 serving as the basis of many conversions. Features vary from conversion to conversion, as each one is individually assembled. However, most Hannigan conversions are traditional three-wheeled designs with two wheels behind the rider, unlike the GG Taurus and T-REX 16S.

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