How Do You Find the Blue Book Value of a 1981 Dodge Truck?


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The blue book value of a 1981 Dodge truck can be found either in the "Kelley Blue Book Used Car Guide" or on the Kelley Blue Book website under the Blue Book Trade-In and Private Values section. The term "blue book" value always refers to the price listed by Kelley Blue Book.

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The blue book value for a used vehicle is based on a number of different factors, including the vehicle's condition and total mileage. Any optional features or accessories are also taken into account, along with the individual's ZIP code, as the location of the vehicle also plays a part in its estimated price. The Kelley Blue Book can provide three different price estimates, the average retail value, the average trade-in value and the average value for private party sales.

The retail value is an estimate of the average price that car dealers around the country are asking for vehicles of a similar make, model and condition. This is usually the highest of the three prices, as it is based on the price the dealers are asking, not the price that similar vehicles are actually sold for, which is usually much less. The average trade-in value is the typical price a dealer might offer you for the vehicle, which is generally by far the lowest of the three prices. The private party price is what a person could expect to pay when buying this vehicle from another individual, but this price is usually not as accurate because Kelley can't possibly track the cost of all private vehicle sales.

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