How Do You Bleed a Clutch?

How Do You Bleed a Clutch?

To bleed a clutch, step on the clutch pedal, and undo the bleeder valve to allow the fluid to flow out until it slows. Close the valve, and release the pedal. Continue until all air bubbles exit the valve, refilling the reservoir as necessary.

  1. Fill the reservoir

    Fill the clutch fluid reservoir to the full line.

  2. Place a bucket and tube underneath the bleeder valve

    Place a large bucket underneath the bleeder valve of the clutch, and use a rubber tube to connect the valve to the bucket.

  3. Press the clutch pedal

    Step on the clutch pedal until it is all the way down.

  4. Undo the bleeder valve

    Undo the bleeder valve one-half of a turn.

  5. Allow the fluid to flow

    Maintain pressure on the pedal, and allow the fluid to flow until the flow slows.

  6. Re-tighten the valve

    Re-tighten the bleeder valve, and release the pedal.

  7. Refill the reservoir, and repeat

    Refill the reservoir with fresh fluid, and repeat the process until no more air bubbles release from the valve.

  8. Test drive the vehicle

    Refill the reservoir one last time, and test drive the vehicle.

  9. Check for leaks

    Place cardboard underneath the bleeder valve. Leave the cardboard for a few hours to check for large leaks.