How Do You Bleed the Brakes on a Car?

How Do You Bleed the Brakes on a Car?

To bleed the brakes on a car, support the car with jacks, remove the wheels, and connect the clear tubing to the bleeder valve. Pump the brake pedal thrice, hold the pedal down, open the bleeder valve to release the brake fluid and air, and repeat the process to your satisfaction.

  1. Support the car, and attach clear tubing

    Support the car with jacks, and remove the wheels. Remove the rubber cap from each bleeder screw, connect the clear tubing to the bleeder valve nipple on one end, and insert the other end into the holding bottle.

  2. Pump out the air

    Let a helper pump the brake pedal three times, and hold the pedal down to the furthest point possible. Loosen the bleeder valve with a wrench, and allow the valve to release the air and brake fluid for two seconds. Close the valve, instruct your helper to release the pedal, and repeat the process until the air bubbles in the clear tubing fluid disappear. Repeat the process for the other brakes.

  3. Replace the wheels, and test the brakes

    Once sufficiently bled, check the pedals to ensure they are firm, and examine the bleeder screws for leakage. Put back the rubber cap, replace the wheels, take off the jacks, and then take a short drive to test the brakes.