How Do You Bleed the Brakes on a Austin Healey 3000?


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To bleed brakes, fill the brake fluid reservoir to the recommended level, secure the car on jack stands, and remove the rear tire. Locate the bleeder screw on the wheel, and open it. Have an assistant press the brake pedal, tighten the screw, and release the brake pedal. Repeat this procedure until no air bubbles are present or until at least 2 ounces of brake fluid are pumped out. Repeat the process with each tire until the brakes are firm.

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While bleeding the brakes, check the brake fluid levels, and add additional brake fluid if it is needed. The bleeding process is repeated as many times as necessary. After bleeding, the brake pedal should feel firm when it is depressed. To prevent air from entering the cylinder through the bleeder screw, wrap the threads of the screw in Teflon tape.

When opening the bleeder screw, only open it by one half turn, and direct the brake fluid into an acceptable container. To prevent the brake fluid from dripping onto surrounding surfaces, place a piece of vinyl tubing over the bleeder screw.

Place the other end of the vinyl tubing into the container after loosening the bleeder screw. Use a brake bleeding kit to bleed the brakes without an assistant. Fill the brake fluid reservoir to the recommended level after bleeding the brakes.

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