How Do You Bleed a Brake Line?


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Bleed a brake line using the manual or gravity method. Remove the master cylinder cover, and use a wrench to loosen one bleeder screw. The brake fluid flushes out of the bleeder screw by gravity. You may need to press on the brake pedal to allow the fluid to start flowing out. Allow at least 15 minutes for the fluid to drip before opening another bleeder screw and repeating the process.

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To perform a manual bleed, clean the master cylinder’s cover before removal to prevent dirt from contaminating the hydraulic system. Empty the old brake fluid from the master cylinder reservoir, and replace it with new fluid.

Enlist the help of a friend to press on the brakes and hold the pressure to allow you to open the bleeder screw. With the pedal pressed down, open the bleeder screw on the right rear wheel, and allow brake fluid to trickle out of the bleeder. To avoid damaging the master cylinder, be sure to keep the brake pedal from sinking all the way to the floor.

Have your helper remove his foot from the brake pedal once clean fluid trickles out, and replace the screw. Repeat the process for the left rear wheel, then the front right and left wheel. Ensure the master cylinder has clean brake fluid throughout the bleeding process to keep air out of the hydraulic system.

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