How Do You Get a Bill of Sale Form From the California DMV?


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To find a bill of sale form provided by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, click on the Forms tab at the top right of the main page at DMV.CA.Gov; on the next page, click the Commonly Used link beneath the General Use heading to bring up the Most Commonly Used Forms page. The form (REG 135) is listed as Bill of Sale in the Vehicles section.

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To display the form in a browser, click on Bill of Sale. Alternatively, right-click on Bill of Sale and then, depending on your browser, select Save Link As or Save Target As to save the form as a PDF file on your computer.

In some cases, California requires an odometer disclosure or a power of attorney when transferring ownership of a vehicle or vessel. The DMV website provides a form (REG 262) for a power of attorney. However, the form for an odometer disclosure (REG 262) is printed on security paper in order to comply with federal regulations and is not available online. Obtain this form by calling the DMV's Automated Telephone Service to have a form mailed to you. Alternatively, the DMV can mail you a Vehicle/Vessel Transfer and Reassignment Form (REG 262), which combines an odometer disclosure, bill of sale and power of attorney in a single-page form.

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