What Are Bike-In-A-Box Motorcycle Kits?

A Bike-In-A-Box motorcycle kit is a brand new, unassembled custom motorcycle kit that the owner must assemble himself. For a motorcycle enthusiast with technical expertise, a Bike-In-A-Box is a viable way to save money building a high-performance custom bike.

One of the advantages of buying a motorcycle kit instead of buying an assembled bike and then modifying it is that the owner can use aftermarket parts and upgrades for the initial assembly, eliminating the cost of the stock parts removed and set aside during an assembled motorcycle upgrade. Powertrain, drivetrain and suspension are customizable as part of a comprehensive blueprint instead of upgrading one part at a time as budget allows. The frame and fenders in most motorcycle kits ship unpainted, enabling owners to choose custom paint jobs, while the parts are separate from the bike, eliminating the need to strip factory paint.

Some companies that sell motorcycle kits offer different phases of the kit's construction, allowing the builder to distribute the payments over a period of time while building the motorcycle. The recommend order of assembly is to assemble the frame, wheels and chassis first, followed by body panels and fenders, brakes and controls, and then electrical and lighting.