What Are the Biggest Rims You Can Fit on a Honda Civic?

The maximum wheel size that fits on a Honda Civic ranges from 14x5.5-inches to 19x8.5-inches, depending on its model year. Honda Civics produced after 2004 have wider wheel bases that allow larger wheels to be fitted.

Older model Honda Civics used smaller wheel bases on their chassis. The following list details the limitations in wheel size for each model after 1988.

  • 1988 to 2000: 14x5.5 to 17x7.5-inches
  • Standard models from 2001 to 2005: 14x5.5 to 17x7,5-inches
  • Si model from 2002 to 2003: 15x6 to 17x7.5-inches
  • Si model from 2004 to 2005: 16x6.5 to 18x8-inches
  • Standard models from 2006 onward: 16x6.5 to 19x8.5-inches
  • Si models from 2006 onward: 17x7 to 19x8.5-inches