What Are Some of the Biggest Porsche Dealers in America?

As of 2015, some of the biggest Porsche dealers in America are Champion Porsche, Jack Daniels Motors and The Porsche Exchange. Champion Porsche, based in Pampano Beach, Florida, has been the largest-volume Porsche dealer in America for 25 years.

Jack Daniels Motors, in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, operates the largest Porsche dealership facility. The facility, built in 2011, is 25,000 square feet. The indoor showroom displays more than 30 Porsche cars, whereas the outdoor lot holds nearly 80 Porsches.

The Porsche Exchange, in Chicago, Illinois, is the largest-volume Porsche dealer in the Midwest. It is a multiyear winner of the Porsche Premier Dealer award.