What Is the Biggest Plus-Sized Tire for My Truck?


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The biggest plus-sized tire for a pickup truck depends upon the original tire size. Decreased sidewall height is the biggest distinction of plus-sized tires.

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Plus-sized tires are the same height as their original-sized cousins but have shorter sidewalls. Shorter sidewalls deliver improved road handling, ride quality and responsiveness. The first step to the biggest tire is working with a reputable dealer. They will have a listing of tires appropriate for the truck. They should be able to give recommendations based on tread, speed rating and load capacity. Prior to working with dealers, owners need to do due diligence. Consumer Reports recommend knowing driving needs, type of performance desired and tire type (for example, sport, all-purpose and all-terrain).

When purchasing tires, consider buying wheels and tires as a set. This ensures that the rims are appropriate for the tire. Stylish rims are usually the focus of plus-sized tires. While considering looks, seek out good-quality alloy rims. They are strong and aid a truck's cornering, steering, brake cooling, acceleration and fuel economy, according to Edmunds. A reminder: plus sized tires have shorter sidewalls and may offer less protection for rims. Potholes, puddles and curbs are sources for unexpected damage. So make purchases accordingly.

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