How Big Are Handicap Parking Spaces?


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There are two types of handicapped spaces with different sizes mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Standard spaces must be 8 feet across, and van accessible spaces are generally 11 feet across. The length of the space must be the standard length of a parking spot.

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The Americans with Disabilities Act mandates that handicapped spaces must be marked in front of the parking space with signs displaying the international symbol of accessibility. The bottom of the sign must be mounted at least 5 feet from the ground. Parking lots are required to have at least one van accessible space for every six standard handicapped spaces. The sign for these spaces should notate "van accessible."

The standard spaces must be 8 feet across and the length of a standard parking spot. There needs to be an access aisle between handicapped spots that measures at least 5 feet across and is the length of the parking space. This allows room for individuals to use wheelchairs, walkers and other devices, or to deploy wheelchair lifts from the vehicle.

Van accessible spaces should measure 11 feet across. Alternatively, van accessible spots may measure 8 feet across if the access aisle is also 8 feet across. Access aisles should be painted with lines across them to discourage parking, especially if using the alternative size model.

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