Is It Better to Buy a New or Used Four-Wheel ATV?


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Deciding whether to buy a new or used four-wheel ATV comes down to factors such as price, the condition of the vehicle and whether or not the ATV has a rare or unique design. The buyer's comfort level and financial ability to pay for potential repairs are also important.

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One of the biggest reasons buyers choose used ATVs over new models is the price, as used models are typically available for a significantly lower amount. This is because used model have varying degrees of wear, which means they may require additional care and repair. When looking at the sale price of a used ATV, the buyer needs to take into account its overall condition to ensure that it accurately reflects the degree of usage and any damage. The buyer also needs to factor in the cost of any repairs and the overall maintenance requirements to understand its full price.

Another reason buyers choose used ATVs is to obtain a specific model or style of vehicle that may no longer be available new. In such cases, the ATV may require an additional level of maintenance or restoration to become safe to operate. Some benefits of buying a new ATV include a guarantee on part condition, the ability to return it to the buyer and the presence of a manufacturer warranty. New ATVs also typically require less maintenance and have different features than older models.

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