Is It Better to Buy a New or Pre-Owned 6x6 Truck?


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While a new 6x6 truck is a good purchase for some people, used trucks are a great choice for others. Buying new is ideal if the truck is intended for long term use and if depreciation and cost isn't an issue. Buying used is an option if budget is limited and the seller can guarantee the quality of the product. However, buying a used 6x6 truck comes with certain risks that must be considered carefully.

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One of the biggest issues of buying a used 6x6 truck is high mileage. Trucks in general are meant for commercial use, and if a truck for sale was driven for business purposes by the previous owner, it can have higher than average mileage, which can mean that the vehicle has endured extensive wear and tear. This can lead to expensive problems down the road.

If buying used is the only option, there are three ways to guarantee a satisfying purchase. First, get a vehicle history report from AutoCheck or Carfax. Second, test drive the car according to personal driving habits. Third, have the car inspected by a trusted third-party mechanic.

To get more savings out of a used 6x6 truck purchase, stand behind the set budget and don't hesitate to end negotiations when the price exceeds it. Being prepared to walk away at any time can be a handy negotiating tool.

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