What Are the Benefits to Vacationing With a Small Truck Camper?


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The benefits of vacationing with a small truck camper include easy maneuverability, inexpensive maintenance and vehicle versatility. Small truck campers are not towed, which leaves the truck’s hitch available for other recreational items, such as horse trailers, boats and jet skis.

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The truck camper is separate from the truck, which means vacationers can unload the camper and use the truck independently to stock up on supplies or haul firewood. As of 2015, truck campers raise and lower with the use of motors, which makes loading the camper as simple as backing up the truck underneath it. Many truck campers also include everyday conveniences such as microwaves, refrigerators and televisions. In most states, truck campers are considered cargo and are not required to have separate license plates or insurance policies, which helps save on vacation expenses. The auto insurance policy covers the truck camper when it’s mounted on the truck, and the homeowner’s policy covers it while parked at home.

Driving a small truck camper is the same as driving a truck, making it easy for casual vacationers to learn. The truck camper’s small-size and maneuverability enables drivers to travel on narrow roads and stop at restaurants without worrying about parking. Truck campers are built to handle stress and have few moving parts, which allows for low-cost maintenance.

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