What Are the Benefits of Using Synthetic Oil?

Benefits of using synthetic oil include enhanced flow, a cleaner engine, increased protection and extended oil life. Synthetic oil has fewer impurities than conventional oil and has been tailored to meet the demands of a modern engine. This type of oil is refined and distilled, providing a more purified product.

Synthetic oils help keep the engine cleaner and running properly. When oil circulates inside the engine, oil picks up deposits, and as a result, conventional oils form sludge. The sludge can decrease engine efficiency and reduce the engine's life expectancy. Synthetic oils contain fewer impurities, which has the ability to reduce sludge formation and prevent deposits from accumulating in the engine.

This type of oil provides increased engine wear protection. As the engine runs, different parts move at high speeds and come in contact. Over time, these parts experience wear and begin to break down. Synthetic oil acts as a protective barrier and helps prevent engine wear, which increases the length of the engine's life.

Synthetic oil improves flow in low temperatures and offers better protection at high temperatures. During the winter months, synthetic oils flow faster and help the engine start up quicker. When the engine is running for long periods of time, the engine gets hot, and this can lead to conventional oils breaking down. Synthetic oils are designed to resist high temperatures, which allow the engine to run smoother, for longer.