What Are the Benefits of Using Performance Engine Builders?


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Expert engine builders have the ability, through advanced training and testing methods, to identify "bottlenecks" in an engine's power capabilities that casual vehicle enthusiasts can rarely identify. Though their services are expensive, engine specialists have the knowledge and tools needed to ensure that modifications to a powertrain are effective and to confirm their degree of effectiveness through dynamometer testing.

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To modify an engine for better performance, engine specialists attempt to improve the engine's airflow and adjust fuel delivery accordingly, using a stoichiometer. The technician makes airflow improvements by porting and polishing the cylinder heads, intake and exhaust manifolds, and throttle body, along with installing optimized camshafts and properly adjusting the valves. Machinists who port and polish engine internals use a flowbench and an air pump interfaced with a computer running flow testing software, to test the effectiveness of cylinder head and manifold porting.

Hiring an engine specialist enables enthusiasts to find "hidden power" for their engines and have them built from a comprehensive perspective, rather than trying aftermarket upgrades that may or may not be effective on their own. Furthermore, specialists utilize dynamometers to accurately measure the effectiveness of upgrades by doing baseline dynamometer runs before the modifications, and performing additional runs afterward that accurately measure the changes in horsepower and torque delivered to the wheels.

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