What Are Some Benefits of Using Kawasaki Four-Cycle Engine Oil?


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Benefits of using Kawasaki four-cycle engine oil include low wear on engine parts, low viscosity decrease at high temperatures and high performance. The engine oil is formulated with various additives, such as zinc and anti-foaming agents, which provide the listed benefits.

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The zinc additive, in particular, helps prevent excess wear on engine parts by providing protection during engine break-in. Zinc additives react quickly to create a phosphate glass coating, which is important during the break-in phase. However, not all zinc additives are equal, and other additives in the oil may compete with the zinc, diminishing its effectiveness.

Kawasaki four-cycle engine oil protects against excess oil consumption during heavy-duty service and provides high shear stability. Low shear stability means that the oil does not resist shearing when there is severe stress in the engine, which results in a lower viscosity. Viscosity is important in protecting various engine parts, which is why high shear stability is a significant benefit.

Kawasaki four-cycle engine oil also contains anti-shear agents and improves the performance of diesel and gasoline engines. The oil is made to keep low-emission engines efficient at high temperature applications and when starting the engine in cold weather. Kawasaki four-cycle engine oil provides the most benefits when used in engines where SL, API, CJ-4 and JASO MA oil is recommended.

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