What Are Some Benefits of Using FRAM Extra Guard Oil Filters?

Benefits of using FRAM Extra Guard oil filters include a 95 percent filter efficiency rate, engine protection for up to 5,000 miles per filter, and retention of dirt for the lifetime of the filter. A well-filtered oil system ensures a vehicle run smoothly, helping reduce engine wear and tear to extend the vehicle's life and minimize unnecessary repairs.

FRAM Extra Guard oil filters feature a blend of cellulose and glass fibers mixed with resin that permanently traps dirt and grease, ensuring a vehicle's engine oil remains clean. Permanently holding the dirt for the lifetime of the filter keeps the vehicle running at peak efficiency, even at the end of oil change intervals. FRAM manufactures Extra Guard filters for use with conventional motor oil in vehicles that receive regular maintenance and oil changes.

Oil filters ensure engine oil remains clean, removing dirt and other contaminants from the oil as it moves through the engine system to lubricate moving parts. Without proper filtration, contaminants can clog or damage moving engine parts, reducing engine efficiency or creating permanent damage. Without regular changes, filters eventually fill up with contaminants. Oil filters full of contaminants can restrict the flow of oil or begin to leak, either of which can lead to engine damage.