What Are Some Benefits of Using Crown Deep Cycle Batteries?


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The benefits of using Crown deep cycle batteries include durability, electrical efficiency, cost effectiveness and ease of installation. Some types of these batteries utilize solar power to recharge, which provides for an environmentally friendly power source. Their ability for deep cycling without damage makes them handy acquisitions for off-grid applications.

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Standard batteries provide short high-power bursts for short-term functions, such as starting a car engine. Deep cycle batteries provide high levels of power, but they do so for longer periods of time without the damage associated with standard battery types. This requires thicker plates and heavier casings for withstanding the constant high level charging and discharging cycles. Other features include high-density active material, superior percentage antimony and rubber separators to control water loss. The combination of these factors makes for a durable, highly efficient and effective battery.

Common Crown Deep Cycle battery applications include recreational vehicles, industrial equipment, off-grid solar installations and marine projects. The high burst and extended discharge periods come in handy for offsite users. Limited maintenance and long-lasting power products mark such applications. Deep cycle batteries are typically flooded by containing an excess of electrolytes to submerge the lead plates fully. The only maintenance required includes inspection of the electrolyte level and replacing the water in case it falls below the reservoir point.

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