What Are Some Benefits of Using Cooper Arctic Claw Tires?

Some benefits of using Cooper Arctic Claw tires are enhanced traction on wet, icy or snowy roads, and the ability to make the tires studded for even more traction and control in the roughest of weather conditions. The tires also feature enhanced stud retention that allow them to meet the severe snow service requirements for the automobile industry.

The severe snow service label, marked on the tire by a symbol with a snowflake inside of a mountain, indicates the tire scores greater than 110 on packed-snow traction tests conducted by the American Society for Testing and Materials. This shows that Arctic Claw performs particularly better in snowy conditions than average tires that have a rating of 100 on traction tests.

The benefit of stud-able tires is to give the owner the option to place metal studs in the tires for additional traction and control in slick weather conditions. The studs help the tire grip the road by digging into snow and ice and can be removed when they are not needed in the non-winter months.

The Arctic Claw Winter tire has two different models. The TXI is specifically designed for passenger vehicles. The XSI is used on light trucks, sport utility vehicles and crossovers. Both models are created to ensure maximum evacuation of water and snow from the tire treads.