What Are Some Benefits of U-Pull & Pay?


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Self-service junkyards like U-Pull and Pay offer the advantage of lower prices on many auto parts as compared to traditional full-service junkyards. However, this savings is balanced by the need for customers to go to the U-Pull and Pay yard and personally remove parts from salvage vehicles themselves. This is often economical for smaller or easily removed parts but may be impractical for parts that require significant tools and time to remove.

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The business model utilized by U-Pull and Pay and other self-service junkyards are popular with both consumers and junkyard owners due to the lower costs for both parties. Operators of self-service junkyards also benefit from a reduced need for staff to go and pull parts for customers and a higher volume of sales from walk-in customer traffic.

Self-service junkyard operators are also able to buy more salvage vehicles cheaper and keep a more diverse stock of vehicles on hand as compared to a full-service junkyard, so customers benefit from a wider selection of parts and operators can often undercut the prices of full-service yards due to the low initial investment in most of their inventory. However, not all types of auto parts are easy to obtain from self-service junkyards, since many operators ban jacks and air-powered tools to avoid potential liability.

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