What Are the Benefits of Synthetic Motor Oil Over Conventional Oil?


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Synthetic oils are known to perform better than their conventional oil counterparts by providing more engine protection. Specially blended to combat sludge and reduce engine wear, synthetic oil has the capability of lengthening the life of your car.

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Over time, conventional oils can form sludge in engines, eventually reducing the life of the engine. Synthetic blends contain fewer impurities, which decreases the chances of sludge forming and keeps the engine cleaner.

Many components of the engine are prone to wear and tear. Motor oil is the first line of defense between these parts. Synthetic oil works to increase engine life due to its ability to resist breakdown, while conventional oil's life span is much shorter, which can impact the engine's quality.

When engines get hot, the high temperatures cause conventional motor oils to break down, exposing the engine to additional wear. Synthetic oils are designed to withstand high temperatures and provide superior lubrication, even when engines are running for hours. Conversely, an added benefit of synthetic oil lies in its ability to help the engine perform at lower temperatures. After a car sits overnight, the oil settles. When the vehicle starts the next day, it must flow through critical components to reduce friction. Synthetic oils are designed to flow quickly, even in the lowest of temperatures.

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