What Are the Benefits of Suspa Lift Supports?

What Are the Benefits of Suspa Lift Supports?

Using Suspa lift support technology, lifting the back door of a vehicle is possible automatically with great ease and the least amount of physical effort. In vehicles, Suspa lift supports are in demand for use in lift gates, automotive spoilers, seat adjustments and convertible tops.

The benefits of Suspa lift supports include simple fitting mechanisms, compact designs, integrated damping technology and definable spring characteristics, and extension speed. The lift support also provides a safe adjustment of tilting the seat arrangement for comfortable sitting and reclining.

The gas spring that connects the body and the door helps in the smooth lifting and closing of the doors. The lift support fitted on the back door of hatchbacks support the weight of vehicle doors while they are open.

The Suspa hood-lifting system creates a deformation path for pedestrian head impact in an instant, which helps save lives. The main advantage of the lifting system is that it has a large hood-lifting stroke and a short lifting duration. Other advantages include a swift opening time, light hood weight and a smooth stroke.

It has multiple full reversible functions incorporated within the design. It is failsafe and easily reversible when the system is reset. It has a very small space requirement and an energy-absorbing capability. Suspa lift supports give the appropriate pressure to the rear spoilers that extend from the body automatically to provide a safe driving experience.