What Are the Benefits of RV Storage Facilities?

What Are the Benefits of RV Storage Facilities?

Benefits of RV storage facilities include security, protection from elements, easy access and saved space at home. Some RV storage facilities offer extras, such as wash stations or dump stations, that make taking care of an RV easier.

Because RVs take up so much space when not in use, many owners choose to store them at a facility. In some cases, the owner doesn't have enough room at home or doesn't want to give up driveway or backyard space. Other neighborhoods enforce restrictions that don't allow RVs on the streets or in driveways.

RV storage facilities offer protection that most people don't have at home. Facilities generally feature fencing with limited entrance through the gate. Lighting, security cameras and 24-hour staffing are other possible security features that prevent theft or vandalism to the RVs stored at the facility.

While some storage options leave RVs outdoors, others offer covered lots or enclosed garages. A covered or enclosed area protects the RV from sunlight, rain, hail and other weather elements that can cause damage. Since most people don't have garages or shelters large enough to cover an RV at home, a storage facility is a way to provide the protection.

RV storage facilities usually offer easy access to RV owners. Some offer 24-hour access to the lot for RV owners. This offers the convenience of knowing the RV is accessible at any time.