What Are the Benefits of Roll-on Bed Liners?


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Roll-on bed liners provide a protective barrier between the surface and any items stored in the bed of a truck. Liners provide protection for the bottom of the truck bed as well as the wells and wheel wells. Installation of a liner can ensure that everyday use is less likely to cause damage to the bed and can also make it easier to move and reposition items.

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Roll-on bed liners are typically less expensive and easier to install than other molded covers, mats and other options. Roll-in bed liners are a polyurethane mixture that hardens to provide a durable impact, damage, and scratch resistant surface material that can preserve the bed and protect it from harm. Roll-in liners are also less likely to puncture or trap moisture between the liner and surface of the bed than drop-in liners.

Installation of a roll-on bed liner involves the removal of the tailgate and cleaning of all surfaces. For older trucks use chemical removers and a scraper to prepare the surface. Most roll-on bed liner products contain a gritty material that provides skid resistance but higher end products may also contain rubberized bits that produce an increased ability to withstand impacts. Water-based or single-stage products are often the most cost effective option for protecting a truck bed.

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