What Are the Benefits of Owning an Argo 8x8 All-Terrain Vehicle?


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The benefits of owning an Argo 8x8 all-terrain vehicle include off road capabilities, its ability to float on water, a large rear cargo capacity, the presence of a long wheel base and its one-piece ergonomic handlebar steering control. Other benefits include the ability to change directions and its high speeds.

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A large number of wide wheels, low vehicle weight and restricted tire pressure give the Argo 8x8 all-terrain vehicle exceptional low ground pressure and a strong grip on the road. The fully sealed vacuum formed by a polyethylene lower body and a tabular steel chassis enables it to float on water. It is capable of carrying up to six passengers and up to 521 kilograms on land, and four persons and 454 kilograms on water due to its large load capacity.

The long wheel base increases the driver’s comfort when driving on rough terrain and offers stability when driving over water. The slide-adjustable quick-lock handler steering control and a central instrument panel provide comfort to the driver and passengers, and enable the driver to drive in either position. The low pressure specially-designed webbed tire enable it to ride on deep mud, flooded zones, and snow.

The skid steering enables directional control of an Argo 8x8 either by braking the wheels on the desired side or by applying more throttle to the wheels on the opposite side. An Argo 8x8 can be driven at up to 40 kph on land and 4 kph on water.

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